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Cellaro Mobile Signal Booster

9 DBI LPDA Outdoor Antenna

CELLARO 9 DBI LPDA Outdoor Antenna

CELLARO 9 DBI LPDA Outer Antenna – High Gain Outdoor Antenna Provide You Best 4G/5G Signal for your Router So You can enjoy the Best Internet Speed and Indoor Antenna Extend the Wifi Range

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CELLARO 9 DBI LPDA Outdoor Antenna

9 Dbi LPDA / Outer Antenna is extensively demanded now days just because of various applications such as indoor/outdoor signal connectivity. It’s Made Up Of Heavy Materialistic ABS Plastic. This 9 DBI LPDA Antenna Has Compact Structure Which Is Well Constructed & Neatly Fitted Into A Restricted Space. Performance Of High Gain 9dbi Lpda Antenna Is Adequate. LPDA / Outer Antenna you can improve the signal quality as well as maximize the transmission signal of the booster and the nearest cellular signal tower or it can connected booster signal room to room and floor to floor with the help of antenna and the cable so that you can stay in touch with your colleagues, family and friends. Besides this, it satisfies the entire requirements of customers. It’s Designed To Work With Different Functions Or Activities. It Works With All Operators Easily. This Antenna Is An Outdoor Antenna, It Is Designed For Outdoor Installation & Use On Constant Objects Such As Buildings Or Houses. It Has N Female Connector With 9 Inch Pigtail. Outdoor Weatherproof Wall Of Antenna Protects Inside Elements Of Antenna. The Wide Bandwidth Is Great Advantage Of This Antenna Compare To YAGI & Other Antenna Types. Low To Moderate Gains Can Be Obtained. It Offers Uni-Directional & Bi-Directional Radiation Patterns. It Is Highly Directional Antenna.

Suchit Jagdeeshan

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