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  • How does a 4G signal booster improve my network signal inside my house?

    4G signal boosters work by increasing the strength of your network provider’s current 4G signals. They pick up weak signals and amplify them, making your connection inside your home stronger and more reliable. This helps reduce call drops, speed up your internet connection, and keep your home connection running smoothly.

  • Can a 4G signal booster tower help in areas with limited 4G network coverage?

    Yes, 4G signal boosters are specifically designed for areas with poor 4G coverage. They pick up the far-flung signals from mobile towers and amplify them, giving you better coverage even in the middle of nowhere. Whether you live in a remote corner of the country or a congested metropolis, you can count on 4G signal boosters to significantly boost your network signal.

  • Will a 5G signal booster work for all networks?

    Yes, all of our 5G mobile signal boosters are compatible with all of the major network providers. So whether you’re a Verizon subscriber, an AT&T subscriber, or a T-Mobile subscriber, our 5G boosters are compatible with your carrier’s 5G networks, giving you a smooth and improved signal experience.

  • Can I install a 5G cell signal booster myself, or do I need professional assistance?

    Although our 5G mobile signal boosters are easy to set up, we recognize that some customers prefer the help of a professional. That's why we provide dedicated customer support as well as easy-to-read installation instructions. But if you prefer the comfort of a professional, we can suggest certified installers near you to ensure a stress-free installation.

  • What are mobile signal booster?

    CELLARO Mobile Signal boosters are devices that can help mobile users improve their coverage in areas where they do not get a good network signal. For example, a mobile signal booster can be placed in houses, a basement, an office, etc., or any kind of large building (Hotels, Shopping Centre, Farms, Factories, Nurseries, Hospitals, etc). It will improve voice call quality, 2G, 3G, or even 4G data for all mobile phones of all network carriers. When these devices are properly installed, they can help consumers and public safety first responders by extending mobile coverage to areas that would otherwise have weak signals such as tunnels, subways, inside buildings, and rural areas.

  • What do I need to know about mobile signal booster?

    Signal Boosters are Dependent on Your Outdoor Signal Strength. A mobile signal booster is like a megaphone - it takes an existing signal and makes it louder. Signal Booster Kits Come With Everything Needed for an Easy Install.

  • What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster and How Does It Work?

    A mobile signal booster (also known as an amplifier or repeater) is made up of three main elements - exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. They form a wireless system to boost cellular reception. We will explain how it helps improve mobile signal strength, and show the types of mobile amplifiers available so you can make an informed decision. A mobile signal booster is generally a repeater system that involves the amplifier adding gain or power to the reception in various directions. Even for a cheap mobile signal booster, maximum gain differs by application. The work of an outside antenna is to both receive and transmit signals to a cellular tower with enhanced power and sensitivity. Usually, the dB gain is never below 7 dB and can be over 10 dB gain. The system's element conduit is the coaxial cable. It is also a factor in transmission loss. After amplification, the signal is rebroadcasted to the area with no reception or weak signal. Apart from consisting of an amplifier to boost the reception, an external antenna, and an internal antenna, there're mobile signal boosters with an indoor antenna and amplifier as a single unit making them superb indoor mobile signal boosters. In most cases, the three components are detached. Other optional components include the Attenuator (reduces unwanted frequency signals), Lightning Surge Protector, Splitter, and Tap.

  • What I need to know before buying a mobile signal booster for mobile phones?

    Before you buy a signal booster you should always know what frequency bands your mobile operator uses. Different mobile operators may use different technologies and frequencies. The frequency bands that your signal booster amplifies should include the frequency bands used by your mobile carrier.

  • What do Mobile Signal Booster do?

    CELLARO Mobile Signal Booster are devices which extend the area range and use of mobile phones. They are typically installed in buildings where there is an existing external mobile phone signal, but once you move inside this is lost, either partially or fully. Employees in your office or warehouse may for example, have strong reception in some areas but this may be lost as they move around; with coverage cutting out at some desks or workstations.

  • Do mobile signal booster need an Internet connection?

    No! A mobile signal booster boosts existing cellular signal and has no interaction with the internet whatsoever.

  • Are there any monthly fees?

    Absolutely not. You buy it, it’s yours for life.

  • Can I use a signal booster outdoors?

    Mobile signal booster are made to work indoors where radio waves can bounce and reach their destination – in this case, your cellular device. They're not made to work outdoors, as this leads to open air path loss. You'd have to be tethered to the indoor antenna in order to see any improvement, and the amplifier requires power, anyway.

  • How can I get mobile signal reception in a dead zone?

    One of the most reliable ways to ensure you get a mobile signal in a low signal area is with a dead zone mobile signal booster. Mobile signal booster can help improve mobile signal, allowing users to get the strong signal they need in places where it wouldn't otherwise be available.

  • Can I install the mobile signal booster myself?

    Yes! The installation process is very straightforward. All our mobile signal booster come with detailed installation instructions for how to install the device yourself within 15-30 minutes and improve your mobile phone reception with immediate results. Read our instruction manual for more information on the installation process. We also have customer support experts 24/7 to help you. Kindly Call or WhatsApp at our customer support number for any assistance +91-9289885618.

  • Are signal booster dangerous to use?

    Signal booster only amplify weak signals to make them usable and do not in any way harm people. Signal boosters are perfectly safe to use for everyone and moreover Networks Boosters signal booster are radiation free.

  • How Many Users Can Use One Mobile Phone Repeater At One Time?

    While the number of simultaneous users varies from one mobile repeater to the other, most mobile signal booster can handle a little more than 100 users at the same time. This is, of course, for as long as the users are within 300 -1000 square meters. As long as one doesn’t move away from the repeater’s operational radius, then he/she will enjoy the benefits without any glitch.

  • Why Should I Consider Ordering My Signal Booster Solution from Your networks boosters site?

    We are one of the leading mobile phone repeater providers in India and overseas Our team of installers is based in all over India. We also signal booster expert support staff ready to help you choose the most appropriate signal booster for unique applications. If for one reason or another, the signal booster doesn’t perform to your expectations, we will allow you to return and change it for you. These are just some of the benefits you’ll get from ordering with us. You can consider us the longest and best signal booster provider service. Kindly Call or WhatsApp at our customer support number for any assistance +91-92898885618.

  • Are Cell Phone Signal Booster worth it?

    In cities network congestion and mobile-tower priority is always an issue, and in remote locations, the quality is low as it is. The quality of the signal can improve significantly in such scenarios when using a mobile signal booster. Signal booster, as such are definitely worth it.

  • How do I choose a signal booster?

    Choosing the right mobile signal booster for you will need you to understand your requirements. For instance, some of the factors to look for could be a) what frequency and band the network carrier uses, b) which generation type is the signal supposed to boost – 2g, 3g, or 4g and c) the distance needed to be covered by the signal booster.

  • What’s the difference between 2g,3g,4g and LTE and what does it mean?

    3G and 4G are simply generations of mobile communication standards denoting the 3rd and 4th generations respectively. 3G networks generally see around 600-1400 kbps for download speeds and 500-800 kbps for upload speeds. 4G network succeeds 3G with higher download and upload speeds. 4G mobile signals provide an ultra-broadband level of internet speeds and can be seen being used in almost all cities in India. At Networks Boosters, we have boosters that amplify signals for 3G, 4G, as well as 2G signals.

  • Do mobile signal booster increase radiation to mobile?

    Mobile signal do use some inherent radiation when transmitting data through radio waves. Signal booster however only increase the strength of the signal and not that of the radiation amount.

  • What is the impact of weather on outer antenna?

    Water vapour in varied forms such as rain, snow, fog and few others act as a filter for cellular signal, which when present in heavy quantity in the atmosphere will not affect the performance of the device as we provide waterproof outer antenna.

  • What if my area exceeds 3000 sq feets or more; How will I ensure that signal is boosted all across?

    In case your premises exceed 3,000 Sq. ft. you shall be required to install multiple internal antenna to cover the entire area. You may contact our technical support team +91-9289885618 and they will help you with with exact specifications for further information.

  • Is it possible to measure the signal booster performance? If yes then how?

    Yes, it is possible to measure signal booster performance. Android phone users can navigate to the About Phone/Status/Network signals option. Here they can note the signal strength (in dBm) before switching on the signal booster device. A fresh reading (in dBm) after switching on the signal booster device would tell the user about dBm change from which the boost in signal strength can be deciphered. Please note that -77 dBm power signifies better signal strength compared to -44dBm.