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Cellaro Mobile Signal Booster

Cellaro Single Band Jio Booster

CELLARO Single Band Jio Booster

Cellaro Single Band Jio 4g Single Band Device (Only Jio) 850 Mhz Mobile Signal Booster Coverage Upto 1000 Sq. Ft Area

Rs.7,499 Rs.10,999

This kit supports Networks like JIO Coverage Area Up to 1000 Sq. Feet

For any support, simply contact us at our customer support number: +91 9289885618

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CELLARO Cellaro Single Band Jio Booster

The CELLARO Single band JIO kit is a high DBM Mobile Signal Booster/ Cell Phone Repeater Kit. It is specialized signal booster kit which enhances all JIO network .It works well in rural, urban and remote areas and covers area up to 1000 sq. feet’s. It is a High DBM kit enhanced with smart technology. It will improve issues related to low voice call quality, call drops, no network reception into faster network speed, improved audio and video streaming and automatically optimizes performance resulting in great network signal strength.

Mobile Signal / Network Enhancer Accessories Kit 850 MHz (4G) Covers Upton 1000 square feet area (High DBM Kit)

Warranty and Installation:

It has one year manufacturer warranty.

Easy installation and operation. No need of technical person.

This is just plug and play kit.

Kit Contains:

Kit contains Single band booster JIO Booster , one outdoor antenna, one Indoor antenna, 15 meter coaxial cable for outdoor antenna, 5 meters coaxial cable for indoor antenna with four connectors assembled and Power Adapter.

No Dropped calls: This kit is designed to Enhance indoor Signal Strength and Coverage Area by capturing the signals externally, amplifying and re-transmitting the clear and reliable signals within the desired coverage area.

For any support, simply contact us at our customer support number: +91 9289885618

Multiple User Support : This kit supports multiple users at the same time and multiple mobile phones like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian etc.

Suchit Jagdeeshan

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Networks Boosters is my favourite when it comes to buying mobile signal booster kits. They provide timely delivery of their products wihout compromising any quality.

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