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Get rid of call drops, weak signals and voice cracking while on phone calls.

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Are you struggling with dropped calls, weak signals, and poor internet? Say goodbye - to those network troubles with Cellaro Mobile Signal Boosters. We're India's top seller of authorized boosters from mobile operators. Persistent network problems hinder communication and businesses. But we offer a complete fix.

Our advanced 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G/LTE signal boosters give­ you uninterrupted calling across India. Cellaro resolves issues with all major carriers. So you can use your phone seamlessly at home or work. From day one, we've helped people eliminate signal woes. With our cell phone boosters, enjoy clear calls without disruptions.

We are a single one-stop solution to all your network issues like call drops, weak signals, and poor network connectivity etc. Network issues has consistently hindered communication and negatively impacted the business flow. CELLARO Mobile Signal Boosters has a wide range of high technology 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G/LTE mobile network boosters supplying distribution to numerous countries worldwide. With a team of certified professionals, we came forward to provide an overall solution for weak signals for mobile phones to our customers all over the world.

Mobile Network Boosters for 2G,3G,4G,5G/LTE

At Cellaro, we make different kinds of signal boosters. These are made to make your mobile connections better. They work across many wireless technology generations. Our 5G signal booster boosts 5G signals. This helps with data transfers and clear calls. Our 4G signal booster gives you fast internet and smooth streaming on 4G devices.

Do you use the new 5G network? Our 5G signal booster makes the signal stronger. It unlocks the full power of your 5G devices. You might be in a city with lots of interference. Or maybe you're somewhere remote with poor reception. No matter what, Signals Boosters gives you a great mobile experience. It works for any technology generation you need.


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Our Products

Cellaro Mobile Signal Booster enhances weak cell signals. It amplifies using three main parts: an outside antenna, an inside antenna, and a booster device. We provide top mobile signal boosters also called signal repeaters or network boosters. A mobile signal booster simply plugs in and makes signals stronger. It improves poor signals, stops dropped calls, and increases data speeds for homes, basements, offices, and parking lots. We all deal with weak network signals daily. Cellaro Mobile Signal Boosters are very high quality for fortifying weak mobile signals. Our boosters have three key components: the repeater or amplifier, the exterior antenna outside, and the interior antenna inside.

Cellaro mobile boosters capture weak signals via an outdoor antenna. This is usually installed on the roof or exterior of your residence or workplace. Then, the booster enhances these signals before retransmitting them indoors. The outdoor antenna sends signals to an amplifier or repeater. Afterward, the inner antenna broadcasts the amplified signal within your desired area. Through this process, signals are strengthened inside homes, large buildings, offices, parking lots, basements, and more. Essentially, cell phone boosters work by capturing weak signals from outdoors. They amplify and retransmit these signals within indoor spaces. Below are the kits and devices we offer for your diverse requirements.

Universal Quad Band Kit

CELLARO Universal Quad Band Kit

Supports 850 Mhz (LTE),900 Mhz(2G) 1800Mhz(4G, 5G, 5G) And 2100 Mhz (3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 5000 Sq.Ft. Area

₹31,999 ₹34,999

CELLARO Dynamic Triband Kit

CELLARO Dynamic Triband Kit

Supports 900 Mhz(2G), 1800 Mhz(4G, 5G) and 2100 Mhz(3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 3500 Sq.Ft. Area

₹21,999 ₹24,999

Jio White Plus Triband Kit

CELLARO Superior triband kit

Supports 900 Mhz(2G), 1800 Mhz(4G, 5G) and 2100 Mhz(3G)Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 3500 Sq.Ft. Area

Rs.19,999 Rs.23,999

Jio White Plus Triband Kit

CELLARO Jio White Plus Triband Kit

Supports 850 Mhz(LTE), 1800 Mhz(4G, 5G) and 2100 Mhz(3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 2500 Sq.Ft. Area

₹19,999 ₹23,999

Jio Black triband Kit

CELLARO Jio Black triband Kit

Supports 850 Mhz (LTE) 1800Mhz(4G, 5G) And 2100 Mhz (3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 2000 Sq.Ft. Area

₹16,499 ₹18,499

Wingstel Plus Triband Kit

CELLARO Wingstel Plus Triband Kit

Supports 900 Mhz(2G) 1800Mhz(4G, 5G) And 2100 Mhz (3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 2000 Sq.Ft. Area

₹17,499 ₹19,499

Golden Triband Kit

CELLARO Golden Triband Kit

Supports 900 Mhz(2G) 1800Mhz(4G, 5G, 5G) And 2100 Mhz (3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 2000 Sq.Ft. Area

₹16,499 ₹17,499

CELLARO Uno Plus Triband Kit

CELLARO Uno Plus Triband Kit

SUPPORTS 900 Mhz(2G) 1800Mhz(4G, 5G, 5G) And 2100 Mhz (3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 1200 Sq.Ft. Area

Rs.14,499 Rs.16,499

Golden Triband Kit

CELLARO HIGH DBM JIO Dynamic Triband Kit

Supports 850 Mhz (LTE), 900 Mhz (5G) 1800 Mhz (4G, 5G, 5G) And 2100 Mhz (3G) Frequency Bands, Covers Upto 3000 Sq.Ft. Area

₹20,999 ₹22,999


CELLARO Network Booster

You get full network & enjoy your network connection happily.

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Signal Booster Accessories

CELLARO 9 DBI LPDA Outdoor Antenna (Frequency 700~2700 Mhz)

CELLARO 9 DBI LPDA Outer Antenna – High Gain Outdoor Antenna Provide You Best 4G, 5G, 5G/5G Signal for your Router So You can enjoy the Best Internet Speed and Indoor Antenna Extend the Wifi Range Rs.2,999 Rs.3,999

CELLARO LPDA Outer Antenna 12 DBI Antenna 12 DBI Outer

CELLARO LPDA Outer Antenna 12 DBI Antenna 12 DBI Outer Antenna is designed for outdoor installation & use on constant objects such as buildings or houses. It has N Female connector with 12 inch pigtail. Rs.3,499 Rs.4,999

CELLARO LMR 300 Low Loss Flexible Coaxial Cable

CELLARO LMR 300 Low Loss Flexible LMR 300 Communications Coaxial Cable Rs140 Per Meter. Networks boosters is one of thesuppliers ofLMR 300 Coaxial Cable.Rs.140 Rs.160

CELLARO Panel Indoor Antenna: 2G 3G 4G, 5G, 5G Indoor Antenna

CELLARO Panel Indoor Antenna: 2G 3G 4G, 5G, 5G Indoor Antenna, Can be use for Applications like: Mobile signal receiving, POS Machines in Post office, Fixed Land line phones, Routers, Wi-Fi, Dongles etc. Rs.1,999 Rs.2,999

CELLARO Dome Antenna (Internal Ceiling Mount Dome Antenna)

CELLARO Dome Antenna (Internal Ceiling Mount Dome Antenna (Includes mounting kit 698-2700 MHz) Rs.2,999 Rs.3,999

CELLARO Omni-directional Cylindrical Antenna

CELLARO Omni-directional Cylindrical Antenna applicable with all operators 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 5G/LTE data services from Idea, Airtel, Jio, BSNL and Vodafone etc. Rs.3,999 Rs.4,999


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A 5G cellular signal booster provided by us amplifies and strengthens the signal of a 5G mobile network. This improvement makes browsing, streaming, and communication on the 5G network smoother and more effective. Cellaro mobile signal boosters from are designed to be user-friendly and incorporate the rearmost technology to insure you stay connected far and wide, all the time. When it comes to dependable 5G cell signal boosters, you can count on Cellaro Signals Boosters.

We distinguish ourselves with our commitment to quality products, excellent client service, and reliable results. Unleash the full eventuality of 5G with our Cellaro 5G cellular network signal boosters. Say farewell to dropped calls, softening vids, and slow internet pets. Experience ultra-fast, high- speed 5G connectivity anywhere.

At Cellaro Signals Boosters, our unique selling proposition lies in our grim pursuit of invention and client satisfaction. Our products are strictly finagled to not only amplify 5G signals but also to acclimatize to changing network conditions in order to provide optimal performance at all times....


Are you also facing poor 4G signals inside your home? Do you often suffer from slow internet connections and dropped calls? If so, Cellaro Signal Boosters offers the perfect result to enhance your connectivity and give you with a flawless experience. Our multi network portable mobile signal boosters come equipped with the rearmost technology to keep you connected anytime, anywhere. Continue reading to discover how our Mobile Signal Boosters can profit you.

Floundering to get a good 4G signal at home? Our 4G signal boosters are then to help. By amplifying your 4G signal of any operator among Airtel, Jio, VI, our boosters give you with a stronger and more stable connection throughout your home, barring annoying call drops.

For further assistance you can always contact our customer support representative on +91 9289885618.

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For over 10 years Networks Boosters team have been helping people resolve cell phone signal problems by effectively improving mobile phones signal quality. Experienced team of engineers, technical experts and consultants works hard to deliver most efficient solutions directly to your door. Our company provides only high-quality mobile phone signal boosters that have passed a series of rigorous quality tests assuming this fact we assert that devices offered by networks boosters are safe for your health. It´s also a proven fact that mobile phone boosters make no harm to any other equipment around or to the environment. Our mobile signal boosters come with a one-year warranty with replacement.We provide 24*7 customer support &Worldwide delivery is also a part of our service. Every signal booster is shipped with one indoor and one outdoor antenna plus two cables serving to connect the antennas to the booster.

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